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Oakville Named As the First International Regional Training Facility

April 3,2023

We are excited to announce that We Rock the Spectrum – Oakville is the newest Regional Training Facility, the first for our international owners, and its ROCKSTAR owner, Tatiana Korosec, will be taking the reins! In its two years of serving its community in Canada, WRTS – Oakville has seen tremendous success in its programs and private facility rentals.

This has been exceptionally true throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. To get the full story with all the exciting details, we sat down (virtually!) with Tatiana to find out more about her and her team and how they have been outstanding leaders both within their community and the We Rock family.

Here’s what Tatiana had to say:

1. How long have you been open?

We have been open for a little less than 2 years.

2. What have you done with your gym that you have found the most success with? Has anything you’ve done surprised you because of the response?

From the beginning, we started to build relationships with our community through social media, special events, and connecting with different businesses for partnerships. We made it our goal to provide a 5-star experience to every customer and to have employees on the floor who actually play with the kids. This mission impressed many customers since no other playgrounds or gyms have similar approaches. We took the same approach with birthday parties and provided above and beyond service, which after some time helped us to achieve fully booked weekends up to 4 months in advance! It surprised us that most people did not want discounts or extras – they were happy with our great customer service provided by our caring and helpful staff.

3. What does it mean for you to be announced as one of the new Regional Training Facilities for WRTS?

We are so excited to become a new Regional Training Facility. It was challenging for the first few months, as we were the first WRTS in Canada, because of different regulations, and difficulties in looking for local suppliers. We wanted our unique voice to stand out beyond our equipment and to show how we are different from other indoor facilities. Through this, we showed that we were nothing like other gyms in the area. In the future, we would love to see more gyms in Canada and are ready to lead new owners in our community towards success! We would wholeheartedly give our wisdom and support to new owners. WRTS Corporate is incredibly supportive and we are proud to be part of such a fantastic team to make every owner successful!

4. What do you see next in store for you and your gym?

We are so thrilled to continue being a support for families right now, especially during such a difficult time with this pandemic. Additionally, we are also excited to bring back all our services after the pandemic is over and introduce new opportunities that had to be put on hold. We are mostly looking forward to growing as leaders in the We Rock family, building more training resources for new owners, helping with grand openings of new locations and becoming a Canadian WRTS Corporate office location.

5. Looking back on your time as an owner and member of the We Rock family, what has been your favorite memory?

My absolute favorite memory is our grand opening day. We were so exhilarated when so many families and kiddos loved the gym as soon as they came in. We loved seeing so many smiles and laughter coming from them. Another favorite memory of mine was when we participated in the local Christmas parade last year. It was so much fun to build our float with a zipline in the middle, and we were so delighted to see the reaction from the community!

6. While you have found areas of success during COVID-19, the pandemic presents its challenges for everyone, especially small business owners. How have you approached and overcome these obstacles?

The support of our wonderful WRTS family is key! WRTS Corporate and fellow WRTS gym owners have shared tons of unique ideas on how to navigate through COVID-19 and ways to be there for our We Rockers. They came up with private facility rentals, holiday baskets, and virtual events, which became our main financial income for many months. Our CEO, Dina Kimmel, diligently read every regulation for all states and countries to make sure we could all continue to operate and stay open. And of course, one of the most important factors is staying positive and strong. We made it a point to not let fear dictate our decisions. We thought about our community and how we can support them throughout these troubled times.

Well done, Tatiana and team! Even through some of the biggest obstacles, our gym owners are proving how impactful and influential their facilities are. We Rock the Spectrum Worldwide is proud to be a provider of sensory-safe play for children of all abilities, especially during the pandemic. Inspired to bring a We Rock the Spectrum gym to your area? Make a difference in your community as a leader in inclusion awareness by joining the We Rock the Spectrum franchise today.